• Executive

General Manager
Kevin Friddell's photo
Kevin Friddell
Production Manager
Malcolm Hackney's photo
Malcolm Hackney


Office Manager
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Robin McElfresh
Richard Hernandez's photo
Richard Hernandez
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Ruth Boyd
Sheila Tabinas Hackney's photo
Sheila Tabinas Hackney


Audio Manager
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Drew Scott
Anthony Edge's photo
Anthony Edge
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Jerin Krenek
Townsend Stamey's photo
Townsend Stamey


Lighting Lead
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Larry Peterson
Lighting Tech/Head Carpenter
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Mike Larsen
Event Design & Sales
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Ryne Easen
Master Electrician / Head Rigger
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Terrence Authement


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Christian Shoquist
David Hackney's photo
David Hackney
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David Turpin
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Erick Mayeux
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James Jimmy Leverone
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Joey Colao
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Rebecca Kitzmiller
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Sunya Rain
Teuuila Robinson's photo
Teuuila Robinson


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Rob Leverone


Director of Event Sales & Design
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Frank Tritico
Event Sales & Design
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Gary Archer


Rental Manager
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Justin Love
Rental Account Manager
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Ryan Malone


Video Manager
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Carey Hollis
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Gia Quilap
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Stan Wiegand
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Will Oxley


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Dustin Gann
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Steven Bureau
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Troy Balgie
2420 Center St, Houston TX 77007 | United States | 713-529-2757

Bright Star Productions will Be Temporarily Closed on Saturdays

Bright Star Productions will be temporarily closed on Saturdays to walk in traffic. If you are in need of our services on Saturday please make an appointment Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For Questions or to Rent Gear, Call 713-529-2757